4 Reasons to Visit New York – It will be Your Your Memorable Trip

New York is undoubtedly one among the most exciting and biggest cities in the entire world. While there are millions of people who reside within its borders, at the same time there are millions others who visit this place from the United States of America and other countries round the globe. Typically, there are too many apparent reasons to visit New York City but in case you need some convincing reasons that could motivate you to finalise this trip, the concerns of this article will help you out. Whether you are someone from New York or from some other city which is half-way round the globe, there are always good reasons to check out NYC. If you’re about to pack your bags for your vacation to NYC, check out the valid reasons to travel to this place.

Innumerable open spaces

With the extremely busy and crowded New York, you will rather be surprised to know about the innumerable open spaces that are there in New York City. The Central Park is the 5th largest park in NYC and it is famous for its 843 acres of green space. New York City can boast of 1700 parks which is indeed interesting when you think of how so many buildings are crammed into this city despite having so much of open space. Such spaces are ideal for jogging, riding, horseback riding and other sports activities.

Times Square

Times Square used to be a place to avoid due to the bad area in which it was situated. But now the area has been rejuvenated and has become one of the most beautiful places to visit in New York. Majority of the best tourist attractions like American Girl Place, Hard Rock Cafe are all situated in New York City and Times Square is certainly the place to drop by on New Year’s Eve.

Statue of Liberty

Americans usually stand for everything that they believe in and the Statue of Liberty is something that even the experienced New Yorkers visit. It is situated on Liberty Island which is a 12-acre island within the New York Harbor. You can also take a look at Ellis Island where immigrants enter the US and this is located nearby the Statue of Liberty.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is 102-storeyed building and is considered as the New York icon due to its unique and exquisite architecture that attracts people. However, apart from the splendid architecture, the observatory deck which is located outside offers you some of the best views of New York. From the deck, it is possible to see up to 80 miles.

So, if you’re planning to go to New York for your next vacation, you can consider the above mentioned reasons to visit this place. There are numerous 5-Star hotels where you can stay at ease and the Hotel Plaza Athenee is one of the best among them. You won’t feel the dearth of anything when you visit New York as you’ll get everything.

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