5 Most Popular Gardens in Europe

Spring had gone, and summer is in full bloom here in Texas. The temperature is indeed soaring high, and everything seems dry. Isn’t it remarkable that in the midst of this dry season, you have a blooming garden right in your yard? Yes, you might think it is impossible and expensive, but it can be at an affordable price even. There are many landscape architects in the area that can help you get the scenic landscape of your dreams right there in your property.

European gardens are one of the most beautifully designed landscapes in the world. They are just stunning and mesmerizing that almost anyone who laid their eyes on it wishes to have one too. And that is entirely possible; you can base your Houston landscaping ideas from these magical gardens in Europe.

Kew Gardens in London, England

The famed Kew Gardens in London is a must-visit place when in the country. This UNESCO listed landscape features miles of pathways featuring different plants, flowers, and design. The glasshouses are indeed incredible, and a miniature version can bring a classy elegance to your property too. If you have limited space or if you prefer an enclosed area then you can base it on this design.

Kylemore Abbey Garden in Connemara, Ireland

The Victorian Era is one of the most famed eras in Europe’s history. It is a time of elegance and riches. It is a time for the romantics and the class. If you are a fan of the Victorian Era, then the Kylemore Abbey Garden in Ireland is a perfect inspiration for you. Its sprawling walled garden includes plants and flowers of sophistication as they only grew in the Victorian times. This garden also grows different herbs and vegetables for consumption. Having this type of landscape is perfect especially if you want to grow vegetation in your yard but at the same time make it look stunning.

Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France

Are you a fan of water landscape? If so, then this fantastic garden in Giverny, France can give you a lot of ideas for your view. Monet’s Garden embodies art come to life with its spectacular design. The lily ponds’ position is in such a way that you can see the light play on the water. It also homes an iconic pond and a bridge in the midst of the garden. Being surrounded by a parade of colorful flowers which makes it look even more paradise-like.

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Lisse, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for their beautiful tulips but seeing the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Lisse will genuinely make you stand in awe with such a magnificent spread of flowers. There are millions of tulips in the garden, each with their unique color. You can have your tulip garden too, even in a place like Houston. Just ask for a landscape architects’ help.

Chateau Villandry Gardens in Loire Valley, France

If you are rooting for an impressive formal garden, then take a look at Chateau Villandry Gardens. It perfectly embodies the French elegance with its intricate designs and perfect symmetry. It offers not just an ideal view on the ground but even in the air too.

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