7 Reasons to visit Thailand

The serenity of Koh Samui or the lively vibe of Bangkok, whichever experience the traveller in you is craving for will be fulfilled in this lovely exotic land. Thailand has some of the best memories waiting for you. All you need to do is plan a trip to this stunning land. Here are the top 7 reasons to visit Thailand:

  1. It is the perfect destination for budget travel
    Thailand is definitely the perfect destination when you have a budget to adhere to! The accommodation is cheap and the currency value is quite low as well when it stands against the dollar or the pound. You will get great deals on travel, food as well as shopping make it a much preferred destination.
  2. Water sports await you!
    If water sports are on your mind, then Thailand has plenty of them for you. From Pattaya to Phuket to Koh Samui, there is no beach destination that does not facilitate water sports. Put your best swimwear ready and explore the lovely Thai waters.
  3. The delectable food is reason enough.
    The stunning flavors of Thai cuisine just mingle in your culinary senses. The simplicity of lemongrass and the texture of Thai curry is enough to lure you to plan a trip to Thailand. Also, do not forget to eat the raw papaya salad from your streetside vendor.
  4. The beaches are stunning.
    When it comes to pristine beaches in Asia, Thailand pretty much tops the list. The lovely white sands and infinity pools call out to the water baby in you. You can visit for a lovely sun tan or just to relax by the beach.
  5. The culture is intriguing and there is a lot to see.
    Thailand has a very rich cultural heritage. Right from the famous Alcazar show to the old art of Massage to the maintained elephant shows, there is a lot a tourist can do in Thailand. All you need to do is plan a trip perfectly to make the most of it!
  6. Wildlife adventures on your list?
    If you want to see a Tiger in its habitat or want to go for an elephant safari that takes you through the jungles, then there is nothing like Thailand for that experience. There is so much to do in the country and so much to see!
    When it comes to shopping, Bangkok ranks as one of the top cities in the world. The city pretty much has every big brand under the sun and you can shop literally anywhere in any street or any mall that you choose.

These are just some of the reasons to visit Thailand. But, when you do interact with the locals and stay in the lovely country, you will see that it has a varied list of experiences to offer to you!

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