Accommodation For Rent: Advice To Make Sure You Won’t Get Bad Results

Traveling abroad is fun. But at the same time, it also deals with some issues. In the case of travelers who will decide to stay for a couple of weeks or months, they’ll have to find accommodations. Staying in an unfamiliar place can be very dangerous, so travelers must sort out their priorities otherwise they’ll be at risk – weather extremities, thieves & other external threats.

If buying a private space is expensive, you can check out other options such as a wan chai accommodation for rent. Renting an accommodation is the least expensive, simplest and most effective option when deciding to travel abroad or even in unfamiliar local places. Question is, how to prevent getting screwed when you rent an accommodation? Here are some handy tips & tricks.

Ask questions first. Make negotiations next

Rent isn’t negotiable, but a lot of landlords might be willing to compromise on the cost. You’ll have to be a smart negotiator, so you will receive huge discounts on parking space and amenities. If you wish for discounts specifically on rent, however, odds of success will increase when you agree to extend the lease period. It’s like you’re giving a landlord an expectation that he or she receives extra payments.

Chat with existing tenants

You may feel not talking unless you’re an extrovert, but it’s a great idea to know what it’s like to live in a building. Gathering few tips and recommendations can be helpful on getting a clear picture of what kind of living will be present. While you’ll have few questions which you will ponder on your own, the most pressing concerns should be about the quality of place, landlord’s response to issues and any possible disturbances and inconsistencies in a place.

Document everything

Aside from having copies of agreement and contracts, you’ll also have to take pictures and videos before and after you move. It’s generally not long to click the buttons on your camera and save some resources on your digital storage. Should renting situations unexpectedly turn to worst, showing some evidence could make stressful situations lighter and much easier as well.

Establish a good relationship with everyone

Regardless if you’re dealing with a tenant or the landlord, show some respect. First, observe the policies. If you’re going to cause trouble, or you decided to lie, you would be caught eventually. But what’s worse is you’ll likely lose the trust of the people. If you hoped for a great stay (even for a shorter duration), pay attention to how to treat them. Treat every tenant equally, and rest assured they’ll be good neighbors. Be good to your landlords and they will treat you with awards and great deals.

Be honest

Own up to your responsibility in the event that something bad happens. When you move out, treat the unit with respect by restoring it to how it’s supposed to be. Do some little cleaning and repair on some damaged walls and structures.  Don’t slack off on what you’re supposed to do. If you’re honest, good and knows how to treat the rental property with some respect – you’ll be in a better position to receive a hand from anyone if there’s a problem.

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