Are You Flying from Perth to Sydney? You Must Read This

The flight from Perth to Sydney is one of the most common flights in Australia. Think of it as the Down Under equivalent of LA to New York. It’s the fastest way to get from one coast of the country to the other. If you’re spending much time in Oz, you’ll probably wind up taking the flight, so you probably have a few questions, and you’ll probably find the answers below…

How Long is the Flight?

The shortest length of the flight from Perth to Sydney is usually around five hours. If you have a lot of stops, it can be up to ten hours on the cheapest tickets, but that’s not too likely. Expect to spend anywhere from five to seven hours from the time you board the plane in Perth to the time you get off the plane in Sydney.

How’s the Flight?

A lot depends on your airline, of course. Some planes will feel like you’re floating through the clouds on a luxury yacht with wings, others will feel like you’re riding the cramped city bus of the skies. What remains the same no matter who you fly with is the view: It’s gorgeous.

If you’re wondering what you’ll see along the way, how about all of Australia’s southern coast? You’ll be able to see a good portion of the Outback, you may be able to make out Port Augusta and you’ll probably be able to see the famous Stuart Highway if you keep your eyes open.

How Many Airlines Fly the Trip, and How Often?

If you’re trying to decide between getting into a crowded airplane or just taking a trip by car, you’ll want to know that all the major airlines that fly to Australia will make the Sydney to Perth trip with hundreds of flights a day, so you don’t need to worry about being unable to find a flight. That said, you may want to consider getting on a red-eye flight, as this is one of the few trans-continental flights in the world that you can take at night.

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