Attractions of Panama: Best Places for Tourists with Rental Car

Panama is a city and the eponymous capital of the state, located on the American continent. It remains a true pillar of Spanish culture in the region. The New York Times knowingly made Panama the leader in the list of those countries that should be visited by any inveterate tourist. Sometimes it is impossible to use public transport to see everything. That is why we offer you the list of the most popular destinations of Panama which you can get using National car rental in Royal Decameron Resort.

Panama Viejo (Old Town)

It is the ruins of the Old City, which is in the east of the capital. Old Panama was erected in order to be protected from the corsairs, so you can visit the fortress walls, the dilapidated bastions and forts, and learn a lot of new pirate stories and legends. Knowingly, Panama Viejo is taken under the aegis of UNESCO.

Panama Channel

The Panama Canal is simply beyond competition – an 80-kilometer creation of human hands through which the Las Américas Bridge is thrown. It is the channel-symbol that connects North, Central and South America. Be sure to go to the city of Balboa, which is located near the capital, and buy a ticket for a cruise on the channel.

Wildlife and parks

Those who appreciate wildlife should go to the archipelago called Bocas del Toro, in the Bastimentos National Park, where the virgin nature is not defiled by human hands. You can also choose the park at Ancon, which is near the capital. Having taken a car from car rental in Panama it will not take much time to reach them. It’s enough to drive only a quarter of an hour to get into the realm of nature. In addition, you can follow the example of the inhabitants of Panama City, who do not want to rest within the city’s beaches, and jerk to the islands of Contador and Taboga. These are the closest resorts in Panama.


If you want a little history, it is advisable to go south from Kolon – to the city of Portobelo, founded by Christopher Columbus in 1502. It is almost the oldest city on the whole continent. Especially it will be interesting for lovers of fortification, since here are preserved the oldest constructions of the Middle Ages, erected by the Spaniards for protection.

Volcano Baru

Just rent a car and move to the Baru Volcano, located in the homonymous national park in the province of Chiriqui, near the Talamanca mountain range. The Baru volcano is the highest point in Panama – 3,400 meters. The volcano is famous for its healing thermal waters, where people come to be treated from all over Central America, and this is also a great place for mountaineering and climbing.

Contadora Island

This island is located 50 kilometers from the coast of Panama, in the Pacific Ocean and enters the Pearl Archipelago. This place is considered a true paradise, with beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and coral reefs. Besides, the island is the only official nudist beach in the country. It is a real fact that Contadora is one of the main tourist destinations in the country.

As you can see, connoisseurs of historical heritage will be delighted with the trip to Panama. Pirates, fortresses, forts, castles, gold, aggressive campaigns – all this will come before the eyes of a tourist who has come to this country. With car rental services, it can be visited with a high level of comfort and pleasure!

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