Blawan Waterfall at Bondowoso: the Bead of Mount Ijen

Situated in Kalianyar Village, Sempol, Blawan waterfall at Bondowoso introduces you to majestic yellowish waterfall. This waterfall is the bead of Mound Ijen. The falling water is the combination of sulfuric water from Kali Pahit, collected drips of Ijen Crater, and Banyuapit River. This combination creates yellowish waterfall. The yellow colour itself comes from the sulfuric compound from Ijen Crater. The heavy water debit with high temperature makes this magnificent waterfall rumbling and looks foggy. The water from the height of approximately 30 metres is falling straight to the core of the earth instead of divided into small rivers. This water is continue to flow via the underground stream and appear on the surface again when it touch Asembagus, Situbondo. Java Sea is the final destination of this water. Blawan waterfall is surrounded with stiff canyon with priceless view. Frankly speaking, the rumble of the waterfall can bring you the peaceful sanctuary that you need.

Getting to the Grand Blawan waterfall at Bondowosoapparently is not a piece of cake. To go to Sempol from the middle of Bondowoso City, you can rent a car, take the local bus, or ride a motorcycle. The local bus only drives you toward Sempol. As you are arrived in Sempol, you should continue your journey with motorcycle taxi called ojek by the locals.You can spoil your eyes with tea and coffee farm panorama. The air is also clean and refreshing, good to give you some oxygen to the brain. To enter the Blawan waterfall site, you will be asked to buy the tickets only for Rp5.000 per person. Your exciting journey does not end up here. From the entrance, you have to experience the challenging route by foot. Ups and downs terrain will release your traveller and wild side. On the way to find the gold, your aesthetics will be pleased by the beautiful lavish green canyon. Birds will indulge your ears with their lovely singing. When you start to hear the rumble, it is the sign that you are already close to the prize.

Not only Blawan waterfall at Bondowoso that serves you with brilliant scenery, there are also several spots placed near the waterfall. With the closeness to the volcanic mountain, there are many sources to hot water in Blawan. DamarWulan hot spring is one of the hot springs in Blawan. This place is well-known as the sanctuary of the Great DamarWulan. DamarWulan is the Prime Minister of Majapahit Kingdom back then. This hot spring is his place to rub and clean himself. The locals say that the water of this legendary hot spring is able to protect yourself from aging. DamarWulan hot spring is positioned as far as 100 metres from the waterfall. On the other hand, 75 metres from waterfall there is also a karst cave called GuaKapur. You are also being challenged to reach this striking cave, another destination that is worth to be visited. Well, but if you have enough struggled with mud, you can visit to KalisatJampit strawberry farm.

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