Don’t Forget The Fruits In Pattaya

Everyone knows that Pattaya is an excellent holiday destination. This resort city is not only known for beaches and sea foods but also for fruit and other things also. Talking about fruits you can get some wonderful taste there. The tourists love to buy it from locals and enjoy eating them. They like the fruits there so much that they have given the adjective to the city and call it fruity Pattaya. They are said so because the fruits that grow in this land are extra tasty. If you are planning to go to Thailand, you must take some extra time to visit this beautiful city, it will never disappoint you and you must taste the fruits there, it will surely give pleasure to your tongue. If you need some info about famous fruits there you can read below:

Durian: It is a big fruit that weighs 2 to 3 kg; it has white pulp inside it. The durian tastes sweet. You can ask anybody who has eaten Durian, he will definitely appreciate it. It doesn’t have taste like other fruits. Don’t expect that it is going to be pulpy or juicy. It has cream like content that tastes sweet but unique. There is hardly any fruit like it.

Mangosteen: It has dark purple color and has a taste that cannot be described in texts. When you eat it you might think that there is still some sensation left to be named for taste. You must taste it if you want to give your tongue a better and a new experience of tasting. For having it in your mouth, you have to go before the month of August. After this month, they don’t grow and you may have the pleasure of eating it if you are lucky but at higher price.

Dragon fruit: Locally known as Pattaya, is another great fruit you can get in Pattaya. It tastes much similar to white Kiwi. It is not very sweet but tastes different.

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