Esta and Passport have a strong bonding and are inseparable

As a British citizen you are qualified to apply for ESTA online, which is the fastest and simplest method for getting into the United States as a tourist or on business. ESTA is an automatic, electronic form of travel authorisation, which put aside the requirement for a visa. Here, we’re going to cover the most significant things to know about the relationship between your passport and your ESTA.

Your passport is the main to your ESTA. The detail that you count on your ESTA application must spotlight the detail on your passport word for word, letter for letter. So, remembering this, when it comes to filling out the online ESTA form, it’s always a best concept to take a few things into thought. Ensure your name is really as it looks on your passport. It’s a good concept to follow the similar suggestion when buying your flight as well. Of course, this is applicable when it comes to small spelling error, but this is even more to the point for people who have changed their name. The most common example of this is if you get married and take your partner’s surname.

Your passport number must also be copied out exactly take the time to double and triple check this, as; your passport is the main to your ESTA! You also need to take additional care to ensure the dates linked with your passport are also copied out appropriately. Neglecting any mistakes here will save any needless worries at a later stage. You must have a biometric passport in order to travel with ESTA. All passports issued in the UK are biometric, and have been for around ten years now. If you renew your passport the particulars will be variant, and so the ESTA you had will now be 100% ineffective. Do be aware that you can apply for ESTA even if you don’t have a biometric passport and still be approved, but you will not be able to use this ESTA with this passport to travel to the USA.

Consequently, and it may sound transparent; ensure your passport is valid during the dates of your trip! As soon as your passport expires, your ESTA expires too; even if it’s within two years of your approval. For this reason, and in the interest of getting as much time out of your ESTA as possible, it’s a good concept to ensure your American holiday visa has at least two years left on it, but this is a must needed. Merely, for your own convenience and to ensure you’re not wasting your time, just ensure that your passport will still be valid during the dates you intend to travel.

And so, as you can clearly observe, your passport and your ESTA is a compressed pair. They rely on one another when travelling under the Visa Waiver Program, and so it is worth taking additional special care when making sure all the details are right and everything is valid for your trip.

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