Everything You Need To Know About USA Visa Types

Every individual visiting the United States should be in the possessing of a USA visa irrespective of his or her purpose of visit and the country that the traveller belongs to. The person should have the visa with him or her prior to making entry into the country. Based on the different requirements of foreign nationals, the US citizenship and immigration department offers different popular categories of visas. Normally, there are two categories of US visa and they are a non-immigrant visa for a temporary stay in the country and immigrant visa for a permanent stay in the country. The US visa sub-categories are as follows:

B-1 business visa

This type of visa is provided to individuals working in the United States for some foreign company. International citizens looking to visit the country for business purpose are eligible to submit an application for the B-1 business visa. However, their business purpose should not involve obtaining payment or receiving the salary.

B-2 tourist visa

People looking to visit the nation for a vacation or for some kind of medical treatment need to apply for the B-2 tourist visa. The citizens of countries that qualify for the Visa Waiver Program should also apply for B-2 tourist visa provided they are planning to stay in the country for more than 3 months.

H-1B work visa

The H-1B work visa helps college educated individuals with exclusive skills to make an entry into the United States. These professionals can generally be scientists, doctors and engineers. They are individuals visiting the country for making a valuable contribution towards the development of the nation. Nevertheless, there lies a special constraint for professionals applying for this visa. The limitation is that only 65, 000 H-1B work visas can be issued annually.

Professionals with this visa get the scope of staying in the country for a maximum of three years. This time period can easily be extended if needed but the extension is only for three years. This means that professionals cannot stay in the US for more than 6 years. The greatest benefit for the H-1B work visa holders is that they get the scope of applying for Green Card or permanent immigrant status provided their company is willing to sponsor.

H-2B work visa

This is a completely different type of USA visa issued to accomplished and unaccomplished workers for non-agricultural jobs. The limitation on the issue of this type of visa is 66, 000 per year. People who are willing to visit the country for seasonal and temporary jobs can apply for H-2B work visa.

C-1 transit visa

People who need to make an entry into the United States for visiting some other country should get C-1 transit visas. This is a visa that allows individuals to travel the country for not more than 29 days when their main destination is some other country. The individuals who are in possession of B-2 tourist visa or B-1 business visa are not required to apply for a transit visa.

There are other categories of USA visa like F-1 student visa and J-1 exchange visitor visa that foreign nationals looking to visit the United States need to be aware of.

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