Explore Singapore Island with ferry

Singapore is one of the beautiful and well developed countries in the world. Very nearest countries are Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand Singapore is surrounded with over fifty islands. The most visited places are Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island and St Johns Island. The interesting part is that one can hire a ferry and visit the islands by themselves. One can reach to Johor Bahru, Malaysia from Singapore with in twelve kilometers through road link. Although it is a small nation, there are numerous ways to enter the country that makes it very convenient for travelers to travel in and out of Singapore. This is one of the main reasons why Singapore is known as a major travel hub in the South East Asian region.

One can enter by all forms of transportation, form air, bus, train and sea. There are three ferry terminals in Singapore that provides ferry service from neighboring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. The Changi village terminal provides ferry service by bumboat to and from Kampung Pergerang which is located in the Johor State of Malaysia. As for other destinations in Malaysia and Indonesia, then the ferry terminals at Harbourfront which is central southern to near Sentosa Island and Tanash Merah near Easter side of Singapore are the places that serve those destinations. Traveling into Singapore has many options, as one can commute air, land and sea. While planning for the vacation to these places one can book and get their ferry ticket online. Many online websites offers the service for their customers.

Pak Bara to KohLipe:

For those travelling to Thailand and wishing to explore some for the country’s beautiful islands, Park Bara is an important city. It is located to the northwest of the popular city Satum and is commonly used as a starting point for jumping from island to island. There is not much in Pak Bara, but it offers a ferry to KohLipe and other islands. Visiting Thailand is all about timing. Since the weather is usually the same all the year longs, the main difference liesin the precipitation. Basically, Thailand has two seasons rather than the traditional tour. There is the dry season between November and March and the wet season between July and October.

Exploring the small Island is only possible through a ferry from Pak Bara to KohLipe. KohLipe and similar islands are too small for airports so boats are the only way to arrive. The journey will take only about one and a half to two hours by speed boat from Pak Bara and a little long by ferry. There is no pier in KohLipe but there are long tail boats that charge around fifty baht to taxi them to the shore. One can receive the ferry ticket online comfort from their home and can start their journey. Although there is not much to do in Park Bara, it is such a vital point for the journey to KohLipe, where the real adventure awaits. The island of KohLipe is encased in beautiful white and sand beaches with only a few resorts.

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