Exploring Bismarck, North Dakota

The stunning city of Bismarck is North Dakota’s second largest city. If travel safety is very important to you, Bismarck won’t let you down because it is one of the safest cities in the whole US. Throw in hospitable people and a warm atmosphere, you get easily surrounded by a fascinating and serene calm. Now, before you hop on the next plane, be sure to have your ESTA Visa with you all the time to facilitate a smooth travel experience.

Once you get out of the plane, you immediately feel the serenity of the city. And as you cruise through the city by the transportation of your choice, you can easily spot the towering North Dakota State Capitol. You can make it as your landmark or something, but definitely it drives some excitement knowing that you’re inside one of America’s safest cities. Mind the winter though because it can be dead cold but with proper clothing you can shrug it off just like the Canadians.

Some of the city’s top attractions include museums, architectural wonders, and parks too. The Bismarck Art and Galleries Association on 422 East Front Ave is where you see the local art exhibits including photography and sculpture.

Go down the memory lane as you visit the Camp Hancock state historic site on 101 West Main. In 1872, this place served as a military post then eventually became a camp that protected the workers that built the Northern Pacific Railroad. The eerie history it holds is quite fascinating knowing how things were back then.

To soak more Bismarck relevant history, head straight to the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Hall of Fame in the State Capitol on 600 East Boulevard Ave. Ever wonder why there are no buildings taller than the capitol? It has to do with the state’s rules, which is not that surprising at all.

Other historic sites are the North Dakota Heritage Center and the Sakakawea Statue on 612 East Boulevard Ave displaying a collection of Plains Indian artifacts including a presentation of ND’s military history.

For the great outdoors, you’ll be fascinated by the great Missouri River. There are plenty of water sports that you can do in the area like sports fishing, swimming, and boating. Should you decide to go with the river’s flow whilst having fun boating or rafting, you will see plenty of warning about its obvious dangers. Nobody tells you not to anyway so have fun whilst being fully equipped with life vests.

If you rather want a carefree tour of the river, you can simply hop into the popular Lewis and Clark Riverboat; you’ll definitely have fun since it also includes dining and drinks, making it a perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

During summer, the locals frequently visit “The Desert” where they hangout and do some crazy parties. This is perfectly suitable for spring breaks, if you know what I mean. The popular activities include swimming on the beach, hiking, and some dirt biking too.

There are other attractions that you can add to your travel list such as the Dakota Zoo and the famous Superslide Amusement Park that children will certainly love.

Bismarck is not just your typical safe travel destination; it has everything that you can think of. Have fun.

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