Guide to web check-in

In today’s life, travel has become a common thing. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, the process of getting the boarding pass, check-ins and the rest can become tedious. Many airline services like Kuwait Airways offer online check-in services. But knowing the procedure for web check-in is essential to exploit the options.

These services come handy especially during long-haul flights like the Chennai to Colombo flights. Web check-in can not only save time but also eliminate the need for having to wait in long queues and the last-minute hustle and bustle. Here is all you need to know about web check-ins.

  • How: The first and foremost step towards web check-in is to know how it is to be done. Most of the prominent airline services like the Kuwait Airlines have a link or tab that point towards the online check-in portal. All you have to do is to go to the respective website and find the web check-in portal. On clicking the same, you will be taken to the check-in portal where you will have to fill in certain details. Say if it is a Chennai to Colombo flight, you will have to fill in the flight number, timing, and personal details.
  • When: This is another question that almost everyone has. When can web check-in be done? While most of the airlines allow web check in 24 to 48 hours prior to the expected departure, it can vary widely depending upon the airlines. To know further details on the specific time allowed by each airline carrier, you can visit their respective sites.
  • What all is needed for web check-in: Once you log in to their portal, you will have to fill in certain details to ensure the credibility. This information is available in your flight itinerary or booking confirmation email. The details that are asked include your booking ID, flight itinerary, and email ID.
  • Benefits of web check-in: No doubt, it saves time. But this is not the only benefit of online web check-in. Many airline services also offer the freedom to choose your seats, window, middle or aisle; at the time of web check-in. Certain flights allow you to choose special meals as well. Once you do the online web check-in, you will be able to print your boarding pass. This will ensure that you do not have to wait in the long queues. For international flights, you will be issued a confirmation slip that has to be exchanged for a boarding pass at the airport.

Though online check-in saves your time, be sure to reach the airport at least an hour before the scheduled departure. Also, remember to carry a valid ID proof at all times. Valid ID proofs include driver license, voter ID, PAN card, Aadhar card, and of course, do not forget the passports!


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