How to take care of your health when travelling in Uganda

Uganda is the home of all things wild and beautiful. Going on a Uganda tour can be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity for going on an adventure that can make a storyteller out of a mere traveller. But while all that is well and good, the land is still completely new, and, no matter where you hail from, you should be wary of a few things when travelling in Uganda. If you keep certain tips and tricks in mind, they will not only serve to keep you healthy but ultimately help in making your trip fun. After all, if you are stuck in bed continuously, it wouldn’t be a very fun trip, would it?

So, keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of tips tricks and advice that you need to keep in mind while travelling in Uganda so you can be healthy and full of energy throughout your once in a lifetime adventure:

Do you need to get any shots when travelling to Uganda?

While having to get vaccinations to travel to a place might sound scary, it is but a necessary precaution when travelling to certain countries. Since the year 2016, Uganda’s health ministry has made it necessary for anyone travelling to the country to get a yellow fever vaccination before their trip. This decision followed the mass outbreak of yellow fever that the country saw in early 2016.

Other than that, it is suggested that you get Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Hepatitis A & B, Rabies and Meningitis shots before you going to Uganda. Also, remember to consult your doctor and confirm everything with them before you get any shots.

Do you need to stock up on anti-malaria tablets before going?

In a lot of the places in Uganda, you will have a pretty high risk of getting malaria. So, it is again important to talk to your doctor before doing anything. Ask them whether you need to stock up on anti-malaria tablets before travelling to Uganda or if the places you will be going to are safe.

And not just malaria. Ask your doctor about any or all medicines and emergency kits you would need to carry on your trip to Uganda. It is also suggested that you avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes as much as you can. Try and wear full sleeved and light-coloured clothes wherever you go. Also, try to use mosquito repellents that have around 50 % DEET or more. You may also go so far as to hang mosquito nets over your bed before you go to sleep.

After all, nothing beats prevention, especially not cure.

Is the local water safe?

No matter where you are visiting, people would usually suggest that you stay mostly away from the local tap water. Even if there are no water-borne diseases, not all kind of water, with its different mineral content, will suit our stomach. You need to be especially careful in a country like Uganda, where most of the common diseases are water-borne. If you are going to drink tap water at all, make sure it is boiled and purified before you drink it. Avoid juices and ice cubes from local stalls either, especially when you can’t see what water they are using. Bottled mineral water is pretty much available everywhere so you should have no trouble finding water to drink.


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