Know The Specialties of Spiti Valley Before Embarking On Your Tour

Spiti Valley which means middle land is a region between Tibet and India. The unique lifestyle of the people is a distinct mingle of the two cultures that have gelled so nicely. There is a lot to see in this unique valley. For some it is a cold desert with a waste barren land while for others it is a land of mountain rivers, lush green hills, waterfalls and much more.

Visiting here you will have an amazing time no doubt and it will create an imprint in your mind that cannot be erased for a long time to come. Such is its effect of the beautiful wilderness here that you would want to go there again and again to this beautiful escape into natures abode after coming back. The time spent here will pass off so soon that you will be left asking for more. So let us delve this little deeply as to what is so attractive here.

The drive from Manali to Spiti Valley is a treacherous road but the sight of the breathtaking marvelous landscapes in Kaza the capital of this region will keep you going.

The places to visit here are Kaza the main town here. This also has a lot to offer to the tourist. Kibber village is not to be missed and it is best known for having the highest motor able road ever. The wild life sanctuary and the Ki Monastery are the two main attractions of this village. Tabo known as the Ajanta of Himalayas, also houses a monastery and is regarded as the treasure hunt of India.

Next on line in this region is Dhankar Monastery and the Kunzum Pass. Visiting the former you get to know more about the Tibetan culture closely. The latter is the gateway to Kaza and houses the Durga Temple. Go trekking along the moon lake known as Chandratal locally. Nothing is more awe inspiring than this. You get to see the world’s second largest glacier from here too.

To describe the Spiti Valley briefly if you just say two words enchanting and enigmatic you would have described the whole region. If you wish to see an array of vistas in the same trip, then coming to this region it will soon get fulfilled. As you travel from Kullu to Kinnaur and then to Spiti you can see the gradual changes in the vistas from vibrant green meadows and valleys of the former to the barren wasteland of the latter. This becomes more pronounced as you reach Lahaul.

To put it simply you can just say Spiti is indescribable in words. To know about it you have to visit it. So why don’t you find an agency that can offer you the best tour package to visit this place. This agency can also do the necessary bookings for accommodation, conveyance and the like so that your travel remains hassle free. You will be told the best time to visit this region is from May to October. So plan accordingly for the next vacation to be spent in Spiti Valley.

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