Location Independent Living – Home Is Where you Want It to Be

I was a small-scale “digital nomad” once. I worked from home, so to say – my job was to create content for a series of websites. No going to the office, no 9 to 5, nothing. I owned a laptop back then (it has died ever since) so I only needed WiFi and a power outlet to work. In the winter I worked from my favorite pub (by the way, the cafeteria noise does indeed make you a more effective worker) and in the summer I always chose a restaurant or pub with a shady outdoor space (and, of course, a power outlet at hand). But my small scale “digital nomadity” was nothing compared to what certain creative workers are doing today – a totally location independent life.

The concept of location independent living is not new, but it has started to become mainstream in the last few years. Being a digital nomad is an attractive way of life for many, especially young, adventurous professionals. Their tool of choice is a high performance laptop connected to the internet. Their preferred means of communication with their employers and/or customers is the great online. They don’t own anything that won’t fit in their travel bags, and they are not tied in any way to a place. This is why the name “digital nomad” was given to them (and stuck): they can wander from place to place as they wish, not forming ties of any kind.

Digital nomad living is slowly becoming mainstream thanks to a series of trends and technologies that were developed in the last few years. Text, voice and even video communications through the internet have become something normal today, available on even the cheapest smartphone money can buy. There are social networks for businesses, focused on confidential communication within groups, merchant services you can manage remotely and cloud based apps and services. Today you can carry a complete office (even a printer) in your backpack wherever you go.

Online entertainment has undergone a veritable revolution. Today you can stream music, TV channels and even games through the internet, making use of the broadband mobile internet connections available in most countries (at least in urban areas). Playing your favorite games at the Canadian Royal Vegas casino has become as easy as googling a term was a few years ago. You just head to the Royal Vegas website – it will load the appropriate one for your device, no matter if it’s a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Log on, make a deposit with your preferred online payment method and start playing one of its hundreds of games wherever you are. And the Royal Vegas Canadian online casino will also send you your wins using the method you prefer, no matter if it’s a debit card, an e-wallet or even a printed cash voucher (although this method is seldom ever used nowadays).

I expect to see more and more young professionals choosing the location independent lifestyle in the future. With more and more of the world becoming connected to the global network, there will be no obstacles left for them to overcome.

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