Oceania Cruises has a 30 Night Cruise from Dubai

Why choose Nautica for Dubai Cruises?


Oceania has the best food at sea, with no-fee specialty restaurants and assortment of menu choices.


Popular itineraries sell out fast, and longer sailings may not appear to travelers who are time-constrained.

Bottom line

Nautica offers lots of amenities in the setting of a mid-size ship that is quite intimate. Just imagine yourself in a country club that is floating, and you will have a great idea of the Nautica’s onboard atmosphere. It is stylish, luxurious but understated with a casual atmosphere that keeps the whole experience from becoming too formal. The experience is everything but ostentatious.

No worries

If you have any worries about being on a cruise ship with nothing to do, whip that idea out of your head right now. Cruise ships schedule enough activities so a day at sea can at time be almost too much fun (and exhausting) as a full day of sightseeing. From rock climbing to rope climbs, cooking classes, trivia contests, wine-tasting and water slides – there is really something for everyone.

Plenty to do

You can lie by the pool in the sun or take a dip. Want to spend time to shop for souvenirs, get pampered by a massage or gamble in a casino – you will have to decide which is best for you. Want to drive a race car (simulated version) or ice skate? Even exotic actions can all be done onboard certain ships.

Stay entertained

Regardless of the level of activities or preferences, you cannot help to keep yourself entertained on a cruise ship.

Daily Newsletter

To find out what is happening each day, you will get a daily newsletter delivered to your cabin every evening. One will be waiting for you when you first arrive. It is, you will find a schedule for the next day’s activities and offers for entertainment, as well some opening hours for the restaurants, spa, onboard shops and bars. You will also find listing for in-cabin or onboard movies, information on ports of call, embarkation and debarkation information and sunrise and sunset time.

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