Why rent a Houseboat on Lake Shasta?

Each year Lake Shasta receives a lot of holidaymakers choosing to rent a house boat on the lake with modern comforts of home without the hustle and bustle of town/city life. The area once belonged to the Wintu tribe and was entirely wilderness apart from the occasional gold miner, rancher or trapper. The Oragan Trail nearby was created and used by travellers until the railroad was built in 1872. By the 1900’s Lake Shasta became Central Valley, a group of 5 communities that settled there eventually leading to the famed Shasta Dam construction in the late 1930’s. The name Shasta came from the early settlers and tribes’ people who used the word Saste to describe the local mountains.

Today the beautiful area still has lots to discover including the numerous wildlife species that reside there. As a Houseboat renter you will be able to take a look at the beautiful iron mine ruins or if you are feeling brave you can even go below waters to explore the ruins by scuba diving. The steep mountain shoreline makes for excellent hiking adventures, but for those that don’t feel comfortable exploring alone there are numerous trails and guided tours where you can join other people that want to explore so you’re never alone. Most of the people who choose Lake Shasta for their vacation destination love the fact that they can get away from modern life stresses. The beautiful crystal waters attract people that love watersports including jet skiing, fishing and much more.

The beautiful shoreline that spreads out for miles makes for a great watersports destination and being one of the bigger reservoirs in the US like-minded people are never far away. There are numerous other people who rent houseboats during vacation season waking each morning to a cooling dip in the lake before embarking on adventures including hiking the mountains, hunting and just relaxing while soaking in the beautiful backdrop of nature. Wildlife is a plenty including bald eagles, the black tailed deer, mountain lions and bears, but you are perfectly safe on your houseboat but will definitely want to bring a camera to document your encounters.

The lake covers more than 300 miles of beach giving you the opportunity to top up your tan, bask in the glory of nature and have your own little piece of paradise throughout your stay. Just imagine the most beautiful postcard you have ever seen/received and imagine actually being there and you have Lake Shasta.

If you venture to the middle of the lake then you will enjoy the tranquillity all except for the birds serenading you as you unwind. You should also be able to see the wild deer as they explore the nearby woods, but do remember that if you are going on an adventure during the night to bring thicker clothing to stay warm as it gets chilly when the sun goes down.  Choosing Lake Shasta, CA- American Houseboat Rentals is the best way to get close to nature without actually having to pitch a tent and sleep in the dirt. You have the best of both worlds with a luxurious house boat for your vacation but more nature to explore than you could do in a lifetime.

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