Timeshares and Interval Vacations – An Amazing Option

Timeshares and interval vacations have gained much popularity in the recent time due to many factors. Timeshares have grown considerably since they were first introduced. According to one estimate there are around 3 million North Americans who own timeshares around the world and the 210,000 (7%) more who buy them each year. There are 5,425 timeshare resorts in the world, 1,590 of them in the U.S. when we talk about the world, there are currently timeshare resorts in over 81 countries worldwide and there are millions of timeshare owners who enjoy yearly vacations at a fraction of the price that it would normally cost them.

First of all, let’s understand the concept inside out.

In actual terms, timeshares are a great way for everyday working people to own their own fabulous place at their own terms. The whole concept behind timesharing is quite simple and interesting. You buy time in a given hotel or condo in a certain place for a specific amount of time every year. You can use this time if you want or you can trade it to someone else who owns time in another place. Aside from the initial purchase price the only fees you pay are for regular maintenance and administration, which are a mere fraction of the cost of owning your own vacation home. An added advantage to timeshare condos is that they all come equipped with kitchens – something that renders taking vacations that much more affordable.

Vacation timeshare is more popular than ever! The largest and most respected companies in the resort industry are now selling timeshare resort condos e.g. Marriott and Disney, which have produced blistering sales statistics, among others. The fact that strong consumer legislation now governs the timeshare industry, combined with the fact that solid developers are now the rule, has given the timeshare industry the stability once only accorded to luxury hotels.

It is a wonderful way of exploring the world in for much less than you would normally pay if you had to rent hotels wherever you went. Timeshares are not only convenient and comfortable holiday option but lucrative offers as well. People who own timeshares in high demand places during peak periods such as certain parts of Europe in the summer and all the sun destinations in the winter are likely to earn profit in the long run. Also they are certain to be able to find people who want to swap times with them and will never have trouble reselling them.

In summary, if you vacation, timeshare makes great financial sense while offering superb facilities. It also is the perfect means to help achieve the most important thing of all – sharing quality time with loved ones!

The term “timesharing” covers a broad range of shared ownership programs that make a difference when it comes to buying into one of these resort condos. Knowing exactly what you are getting into is very important before rushing hastily buying from the first developer with whom you speak. There are many online and offline resources including websites, users groups, brochures, magazines and books. Some of them are discusses below:

“Timeshare Vacations for Dummies”, 1st Edition by Lisa Ann Schreier. “Timeshare Vacations for Dummies” is new guide to timeshare vacations for every group. Timeshares are a natural subject for a Dummies book, because the process can be confusing, even threatening, and people need help steering safely through the shoals. The guide answers questions from both existing timeshare owners and those who are considering buying one––what are the smartest ways to buy and sell; are timeshares a wise investment; how do owners find the best swaps; which resorts and destinations offer the best deal for your money, interests and schedule, both domestically and abroad. You can purchase this great book from your local bookstore or from online stores like Amazon.

The Timeshare User’s Group started in 1993 is a self-help organization composed of timeshare owners and other interested parties. TUG provides timeshare owners with an unbiased source of consumer oriented information regarding timeshare resorts and the timeshare concept. TUG collects reviews and ratings on more than 2000 timeshare resorts from TUG Members who have been there and provides this data along with area activities, sites to see and places to eat for member use. Additionally, TUG provides a variety of services (see Site Index), which enhance the Timeshare users’ awareness of the current timeshare industry Marriott International, Inc. (Data supplied by The Timeshare User’s Group website). For more information, visit:

Marriott International, Inc. is a leading worldwide hospitality company. Its heritage can be traced to a small root beer stand opened in Washington, D.C., in 1927 by J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott. Today, Marriott International has more than 2,600 lodging properties located in the United States and 63 other countries and territories. The concept of Marriott’s Vacation Ownership began with the comforts of a “home resort”, a villa or condominium at any one of many properties (Data supplied by Marriott International, Inc website). For details, visit:

Vacation Timeshare specializes in timeshares for sale, resales, and rentals in all locations. Popular timesharing locations include Orlando, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico, and Florida. Choose from one of many luxurious resort destinations at prices comparable to a hotel while enjoying the comfort of a timeshare rental suite. Search their directory of timeshares to plan your next vacation. You can search for timeshares by location, resort, city, resales, or exchanges (Data supplied by Vacation Timeshare website). For details, visit:

Interval International is a Quality Vacation Exchange NetworkSM, made up of nearly 1,900 resorts and over 1.5 million member families worldwide. Interval International has been at the forefront of the industry in maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence since 1976. Interval provides its members – vacation owners from around the world – with a variety of exchange services and other exciting benefits to enhance their vacation experiences. Membership is limited to owners at the resorts in their network, all of which have met their rigorous criteria for quality. None of these resorts are owned or managed by Interval International. (Data supplied by Interval International website). For details, visit:

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