Top Tourist Attractions You Can Visit In Indonesia

Indonesia is a major country, in terms of both population and total area having significant geographical diversity along with rich cultural heritage. There are about 18110 islands in this country, among which only 6000 islands are inhabited by the people. Indonesia is considered as the largest archipelago in the world. The population of this nation is about 240 million and there are about 300 ethnic groups of people living here speaking about 250 different types of languages. While Travel in indonesia there is considered as the most important tourist destination of this nation, there are also many other destinations that stores tremendous tourist opportunities for the travelers.


It is the lake that is situated is a huge volcanic lake which is about 100 kms long and 30kms wide. It is the largest resurgent caldera on the world. The island that is present in the between of the lake is the largest and named as the Pulau Samosir, it is the largest island within the island and is having two lakes. Apart from visiting these islands and lakes, the tourists also come here for enjoying bath in the warm waters of the lakes.


  1. Tanjung Putting

This National Park is situated on the Borneo Island in the province of Indonesia. This park is a famous eco-tourism hub. There are various local tour companies that offer multiple boat tours to explore the wildlife of the place and also visiting the research centers. There are lots of wildlife animals here including the clouded leopards, crocodiles, gibbons, sun bears, macaques and many more. The most common animal that is found here is the orangutan. But, in the recent days, this park is threatened due to illegal poaching and logging.

  1. Beaches in Bali-

Travel in Indonesia is incomplete without visiting the beaches in Bali. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. This place has lots of cultural landmarks that attract lots of tourists every year. There are several beaches in this place that never disappoints the travel goers. Kuta is among the most reputed beach, you can enjoy surfing; there is no shortage of accommodation and restaurants here.

These are some of the top destinations in Indonesia where you can pay a visit.

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